Ex-Members / Other Bands

Bands one of us Inhumies or ex-Inhumies have been playing in or maybe even still are...
Asphyx, God Dethroned, Sinister, Bile / Skullhog, Snaggletooth, Cliteater, Malignant, Eviscerated, Barst, Mangled, Insult, Tank Slapper,
Mortem, Penectomie, Disinfest, Slam Squad, Drowning In Tears, Alcoholica, Mallorn, Martirium, Van Belang, Operation Irie, Blind To Faith, Lucefericon, Bloody Sabbath, Faal

Ex Members:

Johan "Driek" Dirkx / Vocals.
Richard Ebisch / Guitar.
Harold Gielen / Guitar.
Eric de Windt / Drums.
Michiel Adriaans / Drums.
Joost Silvrants / Vocals.
Roel Sanders / Drums.
Remco Verhees / Drums.

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