Next INHUME Show!

No Upcoming shows as we are looking for a new Drummer, so if you have got what it takes, one foot blast is your thing and live close to us, get in touch!!!

In the meantime check this out!
Osmose Productions will release "In For The Kill" on a limited edition red vinyl version (only 300 pcs) as well re-issue on CD.

Inhume - In for The Kill LP Red Vinyl 2020Inhume - In for The Kill CD Re-issue 2020

Out on JANUARY 31st, 2020


Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Dutch Death Grinders INHUME, Osmose Productions will be re-releasing their first album under the Osmose flag once again. Inhume’s “In For The Kill” is a strong contender for most brutal album ever! Recorded semi live at Franky’s Recording Kitchen by Berthus Westerhuis (a.o. Asphyx, God Dethroned, Severe Torture, Dead Head) this beast contains 16 tracks of relentless and over the top brutal grinding blastbeats and monstrous riffs guaranteed to please even the most spoiled death ‘n grind afficionado! Not for the faint-hearted as this one really is “In For The Kill” and veteran GrindCore and Deathmetal Fans alike will once more be able to enjoy this masterpiece from the lowlands!


Besides that you can finally find Inhume online in various digital formats for your streaming pleasures:

 Inhume SpotifyInhume Apple MusicInhume DeezerInhume Bandcamp OsmoseInhume Osmose Webstore


And if that is not enough, Bones Brigade Records will also do a re-issue of "Decomposing From Inside"! This is the one which started it all, our first album released 20 years ago.

Inhume - Decomposing From Inside - CD Re-issue on Bones Brigade Records

SelfMadeGod Records also has some Inhume merch available:

INhume - Logo Baseball CapInhume - Tumorhead Shirt  Inhume - Logo Patch Embroidered

And to top it all of: We are working with Xenokorp Records on "Decomposing From Inside" (Remastered) on Vinyl! (first time ever).






Out Now: Inhume / The Dr. Orphyus Project "Death Napalm" split!

Limited to 500 copies with the first 50 coming with a 10 by 10 cm patch!


Death Napalm

Inhume & The Dr Orphyus Project pay tribute to Napalm Death! Bulldozer Grind Gore Death from Holland choose "Instinc Of Survival" & "From Enslavement To Obliteration" songs with their massive sound!
The Dr. Orphyus Project is one man band mixed jazz & grindcore and choose "Aryanism" and "Everyday Pox" - very unusual and crazy style ONLY FOR FREAKS! This mini Cd last around 10 minutes! Strictly limited to 500 copies!

Inhume "Exhume - 25 Years Of Decomposition"

INHUME to release "Exhume - 25 years Of Decomposition" collection album through XENOKORP
Releasedate: 7 December 2018

Inhume - Exhume

XENOKORP is proud to announce the Dec.07 release of “Exhume: 25 Years of Decomposition“
a collection of rare and previously unreleased tracks by Death / Grind veterans INHUME celebrating the band’s a-quarter-of-a-century-long brutal history.

“Exhume” is collecting all of INHUME‘s demos, splits (with BLOOD, LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY, S.M.E.S., SUPPOSITORY and MUMAKIL) and tribute tracks (REGURGITATE, REPULSION…) so far
as well as previously unreleased ten-years-old pre-production material for the band’s latest full-length so far, “Moulding the Deformed“, and three rare live tracks from 1997 including a TERRORIZER cover version.

Compiled by the band itself and remastered at CONKRETE Studio (DEFEATED SANITY, MERCYLESS, PUTRID OFFAL…) it will come with a re-worked version of “The Missing Limb” 1997 demo artwork
as a gorgeous 500 copies limited edition DigiPak CD first print including a 16 pages booklet full of detailed liner notes, classic pictures, flyers, etc.,along with a brand new t-shirt design.

The album and merch. will be available for preorders starting Oct.22, right after INHUME‘s new European tour with label-mates PUTRID OFFAL with,
depending on the manufacturers’ reliability, exclusive advance availability of both the album and merch. during the tour.

On a side-note, the previously announced and delayed until further notice vinyl reissue of INHUME‘s 2000 debut full-length “Decomposing from Inside” has now been rescheduled for a first half of 2019 tentative release.
More on it later.

Track List:
01.Tiamat [1995]
02. Forbidden Hunger [1995]
03. Fucking Shit [1995]
04. The Missing Limb [1995]
05. Tumorhead [1995]
06. Squirming Parasites [1995]
07. Inescapable Destiny [1995]
08. Invisible Death [1995]
09. Hate/Kill just for Fun [1995]
10. Meatcleaver [1995]
11. Blood Sperm Shit [1997]
12. Gargling Guts [1997]
13. Airplane Crash [1997]
14. Human Fucking Guinea Pig [1997]
15. Cadaverous Abortion [1997]
16. Dead Man Walking [1997]
17. Destructive Impulse [1997]
18. Schizophrenic Pulp [1997]
19. Trapped In Darkness [1997]
20. Genital Cancer [REGURGITATE cover, 2001]
21. Bowel Movement [2003]
22. Process to Decelerate [2003]
23. Fucking Shit [2003]
24. Virus [2007]
25. Moulding the Deformed [2007]
26. Acid Bath [REPULSION cover, 2009]
27. Virus [2009]
28. Moulding the Deformed [2009]
29. Cure for Life [2009]
30. Zombie Grinder [2009]
31. Prophet [2009]
32. Tiamat [2009]
33. Invisible Death [live, 1997]
34. Corporation Pull-In / Airplane Crash [TERRORIZER cover / original, both live, 1997]

Total running time: 72:37
Tracks 1-10 from “Demo I” [demo]
Tracks 11-19 from “The Missing Limb” [demo]
Tracks 12, 13 & 19 also from split with BLOOD
Track 20 from “Comaback of Goregods“
Tracks 21-23 from “Dutch Assault” [split with LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY, S.M.E.S. & SUPPOSITORY]
Tracks 24-25 from “Slimewave Series 6” [split with MUMAKIL]
Track 26 from “Tribute to REPULSION“
Tracks 27-32 previously unreleased “Moulding the Deformed” pre-production
Tracks 33-34 from “Enjoying the Violence” [split live demo with MUNDO DE MERDA]

Line-up for this compilation:
Joost SILVRANTS – Vocals (1-34)
Johan DIRKX – Vocals (1-23, 33-34)
Dorus VAN OOIJ – Vocals (24-32)
Richard ELBISCH – Guitars (1-19, 33-34)
Ben JANSSEN – Guitars (11-34)
Harold GIELEN – Guitars (20-25)
Loek PEETERS – Bass (1-34)
Roel SANDERS – Drums (1-34)

Inhume - Exhume

Inhume - Exhume

"Rotted Flesh" Eurotour 2018 "Putrid Offal / Inhume"

That's right!

Putrid Offal and Inhume will embark on a small Eurotour tour this October

See you all out there!

Rotted Flesh Eurotour 2018

Putrid offal/Inhume "ROTTED FLESH" Eurotour 2018
October 15 Martigny, Switzerland
October 16 Lyon, France
October 17 Paris, France
October 18 Dijon, France
October 19 Mörlenbach-Weiher, Germany (+ Blood & Hellknife)
October 20 Rostock, Germany
October 21 Amsterdam "Make Amsterdoom Grind Again!", Netherlands (+ 01101111011101100110111001101001, Pulmonary Fibrosis & Skullhog)

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