News-update July 2015 (Ben's surgery sjizzle #2)

Update July 16th:

Good news! The tumor has been successfully removed! This week the prostheses also got adjusted a little to help the leaking through my nose stop...

My first temporary Prostheses

imagine the hole in my head where this thing fits...

Yesterday the stitches got removed and all seems to be going well.

It will take about one year to see what they will do about the little hole to the nose cavity and in the mean time periodic checks to see if the tumor is not returning (though this was a benign ameloblastoma you never know) In the mean time this seems to be the first day shit isn't leaking from my nose all the time wooohooo!

For those who like to know, the procedure which took place is called a Hemimaxillectomy, while searching the net i came across this cool Carcass sounding title haha ("Maxillary obturator prosthesis rehabilitation following maxillectomy for ameloblastoma"). Then again, every medical term sounds like it's a Carcass track...

Picture from today:
Who Can Tell The Difference
On the outside you can't even see I've had surgery...





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