News-update June 2015

Due to circumstances Roel is no longer able to fulfill drum-duties for INHUME meaning we have to cancel all upcoming shows for now!

Drummer wanted A.S.A.P. (upcoming shows / new album / mini tour), so if you have what it takes to be part of one of the worlds most brutal grinding/death bands get in touch with INHUME by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Inhume Drums



News-update May 2015

Sadly again no musical news update from the Inhume camp..but..another shitty disaster...

This time i'm really Fu**ed. It seems i've got an ameloblastoma (tumor) in my upper left jaw so they are going to completely remove the upper left jaw on July 1st.

if you like send me a postcard when i'm recovering.....
Burg. Cremershof 63
5981 DN Panningen



News-update January 2015

It's been quiet on the newsfront for some time and everybody seems to have moved on to facebook and shit like that these days... Well just for those who are still able to stay away from that crap like me (Ben) haha.. here's an update in January 2015.

Last year i had a stupid knife accident and haven't been able to play guitar for almost six months. Thankfully the Plastic Churgeon was able to fix it so we will have our 20th Anniversary show this March the 21st at De Splinter, Venlo [Hell Yeah!] Don't expect a huge concert place or something like that... (Brutal Metal and Grind seem to be all but dead these days) so it's a small place and it'll be more of a party this way. Support comes from local band Dirtbag who play Rock and Heavy Metal Covers before and after the Inhume Gig. Expect some songs with a few of our ex-members like Driek, Joost and Harold so it's should be fun! See you there!!!

By the way, we are working on new tracks for the upcoming album, now all we need is the label to go with it... So any label with enough Guts to still be a part of the most brutal music in the industry step forward please!!

We're also working on getting back on the road with our old brothers from BLOOD!! More news a.s.a.p! (check out the grindgigs page!)


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