INHUME/MUMAKILL - Slimewave 7"- 2008 (Vinyl)

 INHUME/MUMAKIL Split 7" (2008) Total of 7 Tracks

Inhume side:
Moulding The Deformed

Mumakill side:
Cloning The Pope
Hide The Jerk
Pigs On Fire

Pressing info:100 clear (not available to the public. Do not ask for clear) 300 Yellow 300 Green 300 Green w/Red Splatter

Inhume/Mumakill - Slimewave Series

SLIMEWAVE 7" number six, featuring all-new material from MUMAKIL and INHUME, is available now via Relapse. For more information, please access this release page:

SLIMEWAVE is a Relapse series of six limited edition split 7" releases from twelve of the sickest and most extreme bands in the metal/grind underground. Each edition is hand-numbered, colored vinyl and features exclusive artwork that fits together as one 42" by 42" image of an alien autopsy created by artist Mike Hrubovcak (MORTICIAN). Each edition is also strictly limited to 1,000, never to be repressed again.

Previous editions of SLIMEWAVE 7”s included splits by MACHETAZO and TOTAL F*CKING DESTRUCTION, CRIPPLE BASTARDS and SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION, ANTIGAMA and ROT, and JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE and BATHTUB SHITTER (all of which have sold out.) SLIMEWAVE edition #5 featuring XXX MANIAK and THROATPLUNGER is still available at this location:

Released on : Relapse Records

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