INHUME - Tribute To Repulsion - 2009 (CD)

INHUME "Tribute To Repulsion"(2009) 21 Tracks

Side A:
General Surgery - Maggots In Your Coffin
Necromorph - Something Dead
Afgrund - Splattered Cadavers
Fondlecorpse - Crypt Of Terror
Coldworker – Crematorium
Impaled - Helga Lost Her Head
Mindflair – Repulsion
World Downfall – Rebirth
Collision - Six Feet Under
Nashgul - Slaughter Of The Innocent

Side B:
Goregast - The Lurking Fear
Haemorrhage - The Stench Of Burning Death
Cephalic Carnage – Decomposed
Looking For An Answer - Driven To Insanity
Inhume - Acid Bath
Belching Beet - House Of Freaks
Cretin - Eaten Alive
Machetazo - Pestilent Decay
Blockheads – Horrified
Haemophagus – Excruciation
Grind Crusher - Festering Boils

INHUME - Tribute To Repulsion

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