INHUME - Moulding The Deformed - 2010 (CD)

INHUME - Moulding The Deformed - (2010) 10 Tracks

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Deadbeat 02:09
Pandemic 02:16
Virus 02:44
Cure For Life 04:12
Compulsory Infected 03:44
Wretched Worm 03:07
Cadaverous Abortion 03:02
Zombie Grinder 02:42
Prophet 01:43
Moulding The Deformed 02:35
Phobia 01:41
Premeditated 02:52
Sea Of Limbs 01:57
Violent Overkill 02:49

Moulding The Deformed

Released on : War Anthem Records

War Anthem Records

INHUME - War Anthem Sampler - 2010 (CD)

INHUME "Sound Of War" War Anthem Sampler (2010) 11Tracks

Inhume - Prophet
Lividity - No Time For Lube
Lividity - Raped For Rent
Dead - Pipecleaner
Pandemia - The Void
Postmortem - Revolution
Purgatory - Ruler Of The East
Cliteater - Didgeridildo
Jack Slater - Amnestia
Disaster K.F.W. - Hell Is Born
Irate Architect - The Visitor

Released on : War Anthem Records

War Anthem Records



INHUME - Tribute To Repulsion - 2009 (CD)

INHUME "Tribute To Repulsion"(2009) 21 Tracks

Side A:
General Surgery - Maggots In Your Coffin
Necromorph - Something Dead
Afgrund - Splattered Cadavers
Fondlecorpse - Crypt Of Terror
Coldworker – Crematorium
Impaled - Helga Lost Her Head
Mindflair – Repulsion
World Downfall – Rebirth
Collision - Six Feet Under
Nashgul - Slaughter Of The Innocent

Side B:
Goregast - The Lurking Fear
Haemorrhage - The Stench Of Burning Death
Cephalic Carnage – Decomposed
Looking For An Answer - Driven To Insanity
Inhume - Acid Bath
Belching Beet - House Of Freaks
Cretin - Eaten Alive
Machetazo - Pestilent Decay
Blockheads – Horrified
Haemophagus – Excruciation
Grind Crusher - Festering Boils

INHUME - Tribute To Repulsion

Released onFDA REKOTZ


INHUME/MUMAKILL - Slimewave 7"- 2008 (Vinyl)

 INHUME/MUMAKIL Split 7" (2008) Total of 7 Tracks

Inhume side:
Moulding The Deformed

Mumakill side:
Cloning The Pope
Hide The Jerk
Pigs On Fire

Pressing info:100 clear (not available to the public. Do not ask for clear) 300 Yellow 300 Green 300 Green w/Red Splatter

Inhume/Mumakill - Slimewave Series

SLIMEWAVE 7" number six, featuring all-new material from MUMAKIL and INHUME, is available now via Relapse. For more information, please access this release page:

SLIMEWAVE is a Relapse series of six limited edition split 7" releases from twelve of the sickest and most extreme bands in the metal/grind underground. Each edition is hand-numbered, colored vinyl and features exclusive artwork that fits together as one 42" by 42" image of an alien autopsy created by artist Mike Hrubovcak (MORTICIAN). Each edition is also strictly limited to 1,000, never to be repressed again.

Previous editions of SLIMEWAVE 7”s included splits by MACHETAZO and TOTAL F*CKING DESTRUCTION, CRIPPLE BASTARDS and SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION, ANTIGAMA and ROT, and JAPANISCHE KAMPFHORSPIELE and BATHTUB SHITTER (all of which have sold out.) SLIMEWAVE edition #5 featuring XXX MANIAK and THROATPLUNGER is still available at this location:

Released on : Relapse Records

Relapse records

INHUME - In For The Kill - 2003 (CD)

INHUME - "In for The Kill" (2003) 16 Tracks

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Incineration Of The Body By Own Will
Process To Decelerate
Genetic Intervention
Prelude To Human Confinement
In For The Kill
Decimated Content
Bitch Redecoration
Bowel Movement
Ignorance Of The Elevated
Profound Presumption
Fucked With Paranoia
Blood Orgy At 7th Street
Sodomizing Encounter
Retreat From Morality

Inhume - In For The Kill - 2003 (CD)

Released on: Osmose Productions

Osmose Productions

INHUME - Dutch Assault - 2003 (CD)

INHUME - "Dutch Assault" (2003) 28 Tracks

Suppository - Separate the Wrong
Suppository - Cleansed the Ignorant
Suppository - The Bate
Suppository - Retrieve
Suppository - Sightless
Suppository - Killing Spirit
Suppository - Digested as Myths
Suppository - Infinite Sight
Suppository - Numb
Suppository - Blindspot
Last Days of Humanity - Rusty Razors in a Molding Corpse
Last Days of Humanity - Taste of Vomiting Maggots
Last Days of Humanity - Infested Torso Down a Shallow Grave
Last Days of Humanity - Morbid Phallus Grinder
Last Days of Humanity - Raped, Killed and Sodomized
Last Days of Humanity - Mummification by a Septic Tank
Last Days of Humanity - Decrepitated Regurgitations in Foetal Leprosy
Last Days of Humanity - Exposed Mangled Orifice
Last Days of Humanity - Chopped up Face Beyond Recognition
S.M.E.S. - Homosapiënsphobic
S.M.E.S. - Idiot Idol
S.M.E.S. - E.T.'s Finger up There
S.M.E.S. - Cricket Bat Man
S.M.E.S. - Hungry for Lust
INHUME - Bowel Movement
INHUME - Process to Decelerate
INHUME - Fucking Shit
INHUME - Genital Cancer

INHUME - Dutch Assault

Released on : Relapse Records

Relapse records


INHUME - Decomposing From Inside - 2000 (CD)

INHUME - "Decomposing From Inside" (2000) 19 Tracks

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Gargling Guts
Squirming Parasites
Human Fucking Guinea-Pig
Schizophrenic Pulp
Unforeseen Annihilation
Forbidden Hunger
Airplane Crash
Splenetic Views
Blood, Sperm, Shit
4 Months Below
Inescapable Destiny
Regressive Progression
The missing Limb
Dead Man Walking
Destructive Impulse
Invisible Death

Inhume - Decomposing From Inside - 2000

Released on : Bones Brigade Records

Bones Brigade Records

BLOOD/INHUME Split 7" - 1998 (Vinyl)

BLOOD/INHUME Split 7" (1998) Total of 5 Tracks

Blood Side:
Crucify Believes

Inhume Side:
Airplane Crash
Gargling Guts
4 Months below (*Trapped in Darkness)

(The Inhume Tracks are remixed versions of Demo 2 Tracks)
(* Trapped in Darkness was renamed 4 Months Below)

Blood/Inhume 7"- 1999

 Blood/Inhume 7"- 1999


INHUME - Demo II - 1997 (Tape)

INHUME - "Demo II" - (24/25 May 1997) 9 Tracks

Blood, Sperm, Shit
Gargling Guts
Airplane Crash
Human Fucking Guinea-Pig
Cadaverous Abortion
Dead Man Walking
Destructive Impulse
Schizophrenic Pulp
Trapped in Darkness

  Inhume - Demo II - 1997

INHUME - Demo I - 1995 (Tape)

INHUME - Demo I "The Missing Limb" (Sept/Oct 1995) 10 Tracks

Side A:
Forbidden Hunger
Fucking Shit
The Missing Limb

Side B:
Squirming Parasites
Inescapable Destiny
Invisible Death
Hate/Kill (Just For Fun)

Inhume - Demo I

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